Privacy Policy
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
AB Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd., the operator and provider of service on website, is pleased to welcome and thanks to all service users for using the Company’s services on the website. The service users agree not to use this website for the purpose of other trading business and/or any operation that is considered as against the law and/or good public morals through this website and to assure all service users of our services the Company would like to explain about the conditions and reservations as follows:

Collected Information
1. Service user’s personal information.
2. Various statistical information obtained from service user’s website application.
Personal Information and Privacy Policy
This is the personal information of the service users who agree and confirm that such personal information is conformed to the fact only and shall be kept by the service provider as necessary and for the interest in providing service of the service provider only. The storage of personal information shall strictly be under the security maintenance standard. Normally, the service users’ personal information shall not be disclosed to the third party, except only in the special case and has been officially permitted by you, all this to prevent the damage from being occurred or the access of such information by the unauthorized persons. The process for the improvement of information shall be available for updating to meet the standard of service. In addition, such coverage of the service provider shall not include information operated by the service users through other websites before linking through although other such websites shall have logos or refer to the service provide since such other websites may have stored such information based on different security and conditions standard.
Statistical Information
In general, website shall automatically store the visiting information of service user for use as statistics. Such statistical information shall not verify the personal information of the service user who agrees to allow the service provider to use such information for the development and improvement of services for the better.
The service provider reserves the right to definitely act and proceed in different steps as necessary against the service user’s any action that may have considered as unlawful or conceal the false information in order to make all the information kept by the service provider corrected under the strict security maintenance standard to prevent the damage or the access of personal information by unauthorized persons. The process for the improvement of information shall be available for updating to meet the standard of service.

In case the service user has entered the system in unusual manner, for example, use of repeated IP to enter the unusual system more than the number of times should it be during the approximate time, the service provider has the right to cancel the service permanently or temporarily.
The Company would like to notify all service users to be known that statements, pictures, voice, contents, any compositions of the website, including trademark, service marks, name, tradename, Know How patent, intellectual property, etc., as appeared on the website are considered as the copyright of AB Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd., the exclusive operator and provider of services on Those who make copies, falsify, repeat, modify, publicize to the public, sell, owned for hire or act anything in the way to seek for commercial interest or unlawful interest from such copyright works, whatever the reason, without written permission from AB Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd., shall be prosecuted in court immediately.
Responsibility Restrictions
The Service user knows and acknowledges that the use of service through Company’s website is exclusively considered as the risk of the service user. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage, directly or indirectly, as resulted due to punishment inflicted damage, loss of profit, interest, information or other losses, corporeal and incorporeal, occurred as the result of the use of service, information forwarding or use the service without permission or any substance relating to the service, without permission.
The service provider reserves the right to change the conditions and reservations without notice to the service user in advance. Any change shall be considered to be effective immediately. Any change shall be strictly under the security maintenance standard. The service user therefore should observe and follow the change with your own risk.
If the service user has more questions or casts any doubt relating to the conditions or reservations, you can contact AB Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd., at anytime.
Registration or providing personal information of service user through this website shall be considered that the service user has accepted all such conditions as provided on the website. If the service user does not want to accept such conditions, you can refuse to register or provide your personal information through this website.